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Biossun 230 bioclimatic pergola - cedar nursery

Biossun 230 - 3000 x 3000 mm

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The Biossun patio controls the natural elements using the sun and wind for heat and air circulation to create the perfect environment for maximum comfort. To achieve this Biossun pergolas come with a built-in 'weather station' that can incorporate a rain sensor and wind sensor which automatically respond to changing conditions. The sleek remote control allows the user to over-ride automation and set things as they like. Enjoy the spectacle of a downpour in the fresh air with the blinds open and the louvres shut or reverse the arrangement for a completely enclosed, private solarium.

A patio, a games room, a friendly space for dining under the stars, or a spot for taking a nap. The 230 model is available in any size to match your project, single modules can be up to 7 metres long, for larger areas the roof modules can be connected to together. This is our flagship model with fully integrated hidden LED lights that flood cool tones over the louvered blades to create a great atmosphere for your outdoor living space.


Motorised louvres
The most striking and versatile element of the Biossun pergola is the louvred roofing system. Fully motorised and adjusted using the sleek remote control, the louvres can rotate almost 180° to enable the user to fully capitalise on the available sunlight as well as shelter from inclement weather.

Cleverly designed to make a tight seal when closed, they act as an invisible guttering system directing rainwater into the structure and out the base to drain away via an appropriate ground soak-away.

ZIPSUN® retractable blinds
ZIPSUN® sun protection is a closing solution for the Biossun bio-climatic pergola providing protection from the elements and also from prying eyes while still allowing light onto the patio. Please note the cassette for the blinds is larger than the uprights and therefore we recommend using the 180 model if you require this upgrade.

Sliding glass
All sides of the Biossun structure can be made fully weather tight with the installation of tempered glazing sliding panels.
Top hung and guided by a low-profile bottom rail they provide a seamless and almost invisible solid wall allowing for the comfort of indoors as well as the openness and freedom of the outdoors.

Screen walls and sun visors
To create a sense of spatial diversity you could opt for a full height screen or high-mounted sun visor.
Strategically placed to suggest a flexibility in the usage of the space, they provide an element of privacy while maintaining the open and 'airy' essence of the structure.

Many lighting options are available including light-bars, perimeter down-lighters and hidden LED strips to flood cool tones over the louvred blades.

Available in the complete RAL colour range, you have the ability to choose different coloured blades, blinds and screen walls

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