The Weybridge Garden Room

Building Size: 2.44m x 2.44m
Door: Standard
Add Full Height Window: No


A Bespoke, Stylish and Versatile Garden Room to use for any purpose

With its side cheeks and front overhang, The Weybridge Garden Room has a unique style of its own and allows you to choose a bespoke size to suit you, offering the potential for much bigger builds. Floor length windows and sliding doors allow natural light to pour in all year round enhancing your indoor and outdoor living environment, while the building's simple lines and symmetry allow it to sit elegantly in any garden without feeling obtrusive.

This well proportioned garden room is designed with a multi-use approach in mind. On one end you could have a stylish comfortable living room with a large sofa and television, and on the other a functional home gym and turbo trainer? Incredibly functional, the usage options are almost endless.

There are several size options included, however, as this is a bespoke garden building, you can have it in any size you want (within permitted development and local planning regs). Extra options include: sliding or bi-fold doors, full height windows and air conditioning. Contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.

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