Biossun 120 Bioclimatic Pergola

Size: 4000 x 3600 mm


Compact and perfectly formed bioclimatic pergola for a covered patio, a garden games room, a friendly space for dining under the stars with friends and family, or a spot for just taking a nap?

The Biossun BIO120 model is available in a range of fixed sizes (18 possible combinations), as well as five different colours, two types of installation, and additional lighting and screen wall options, giving you scope to customise your outdoor space.

Please note: Prices here are only an indication. Final price will depend on additional options such as lightings, blinds and sensors. Request a quote to discuss full options.


Biossun Features:

Motorised louvres to the roof

The most striking and versatile element of the Biossun pergola is the louvred roofing system. Fully motorised and adjusted using the sleek remote control, the louvres can rotate almost 180° to enable the user to fully capitalise on the available sunlight as well as shelter from inclement weather. Cleverly designed to make a tight seal when closed, they act as an invisible guttering system directing rainwater into the structure and out the base to drain away via an appropriate ground soak-away.

ZIPSUN® retractable blinds

ZIPSUN® sun protection is a closing solution for the Biossun bioclimatic pergola providing protection from the elements and also from prying eyes while still allowing light onto the patio. Blending harmony with functionality, these vertically closing screens are electrically driven at the press of a button. Available in a wide choice of colours and textured designs, they elegantly cover the patio and benefit from a fibreglass fabric with PVC coating zipped inside the side runners.

(Please note the cassette for the blinds is larger than the uprights, therefore, if you want to fit blinds adjacent to each other we recommend you upgrade to the 180 model).

Biossun Sides - Sliding glass panels as side walls

With the installation of 10mm tempered sliding glass panels, all sides of a Biossun pergola can shield you from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your patio for longer.

Secured by a top channel and guided by a low-profile bottom rail, this simple closure system delivers a seamless and almost invisible solid wall which perfectly harmonises with the structure and surround. The glass panels enable the Biossun to blend in seamlessly with all gardens and architectural styles providing a pleasant feeling of openness and unrestricted views.

Screen walls and sun visors

To create a sense of spatial diversity you could opt for a full height screen or high-mounted sun visor. Strategically placed for flexibility in the usage of the space, they provide an element of privacy, while maintaining the open and 'airy' essence of the structure.

Biossun 120 Pergola Finish

The Biossun 120 is available in many different colours with an elegant frosted finish. The louvres come in pure white with a glossy finish to maximise luminosity and heat transfer.

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