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Fibreglass Rocks and Boulder - incredibly realistic

Fibreglass Rocks and Boulder - incredibly realistic


Fibreglass Boulders

All Fibreglass Boulders are finished in Iron Stone special finish which can be seen in the images above. Our fibreglass boulders are hand-crafted in the UK which ensures a consistent high quality and short lead times.

Fibreglass itself is made from special plastic polymers which are then reinforced with randomly arranged glass fibres. This produces a strong lightweight material whose bulk strength exceeds many metals with the advantage that it can be easily moulded into complex shapes. As such it is the perfect material for outdoor boulders especially where weight is an issue.

If our standard range does not meet your needs, we can offer bespoke items of any size and shape made to your exact specifications. Please contact us with your specification for pricing and availability. Or, why not visit us in Cobham, Surrey where we have a showroom with all the ranges on display, open 7 days a week, hundreds of planters in many colours and finishes, with friendly knowledgeable staff on hand to help and advise for the perfect planter.