Can westminster furniture stay out all year?

Yes, all Westminster furniture products* are designed and manufactured to remain outside all year round without the need to store during the winter months.

*Except cushions and parasols.

My teak has turned grey, what can I do?

This is the natural weathering process which occurs with all untreated timbers when left outside exposed to the elements. If you wish to remove the silver/grey appearance and natural day-to-day grime, use the Westminster Cleaner/Renovator product. These specially formulated products are a dual action treatment, strong enough to work quickly and easily to return the wood to its original brown patina. Follow these treatments with a thorough drying and gentle sanding with a fine sandpaper to smooth any raised grain. The sanding also brings back the 'new' colour, and removes white patches which appear after the cleaning and renovating process.

Why can't I use teak oil?

Although the use of teak oils will not adversely affect your teak products, it can, if not correctly applied, cause unsightly black spots and blemishes. Westminster recommend a water based treatment, Westminster Protector, which is easy to apply and up to four times more effective than teak oils. Both teak oils and water based protectors are cosmetic applications which are designed to maintain the preferred look of your teak furniture. They will not enhance or prolong the life of your chosen products.

How do I use the protector?

Each bottle of Westminster Protector comes complete with detailed instructions and a lint-free application cloth.

Will the protector change the colour of my furniture?

After the initial application of Westminster Protector, the colour may slightly differ from the untreated new colour depending on the application process.

Wasps seem to be attacking my furniture

This is a rare occurrence, however, wasps are known to strip the surface of the wood to use in the construction of their nests. This leaves unsightly marks and divots in the flat surfaces of your furniture. Removal of any wasp nests from the garden is essential and a common solution to prevent wasps attacking your furniture is the application of vanilla sticks/pods boiled in water, allowed to cool then the solution gently rubbed onto the affected areas on your furniture.

What if I spill food on the teak?

Teak is naturally absorbent, therefore the best way to remove spillages such as food, sauces and beverages is to initially dab clean the area with absorbent kitchen towel or cloth to remove as much of the spillage as possible from the wood, and then allowed to dry. Once dry, a light sanding with fine sandpaper will remove the residual marks.

Rust marks have appeared on my stainless steel furniture

The nature of this material means that it requires very little maintenance, however, occasionally small surface oxidisation deposits can form which can be easily removed using Westminster Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher which restores the metal to its natural glossy finish.

How do I clean my woven furniture?

Mild soap and water will suffice for day-to-day cleaning, however, for more stubborn marks use Westminster Woven Cleaner which is a non-foaming treatment, designed to quickly and easily clean our Woven, Twitchell and Textilene products.

Will my woven furniture fade in the sun?

All Westminster Woven products are manufactured using Ecolene polyethylene synthetic wicker. This environmentally friendly material is designed to meet all standard specifications for outdoor furniture. It is durable, insensitive to temperature differences, free from cracking and corrosion and has a 3 year fade resistance guarantee.

How do I clean my granite furniture?

Granite can be cleaned with mild soap and water or Westminster Granite cleaner which is specifically designed to clean and protect our Infinity range of Granite table tops.

Do you supply covers for the furniture?

We supply various all weather covers which are weather resistant and designed to cover both table and chairs.

What if my furniture has broken?

Our core values ensure that all Westminster products are manufactured to the highest standards using high quality materials. All of our furniture products* come with a 10 year guarantee which covers the manufacture, durability and design of your selected furniture. In the event of a fault please contact your stockist who will deal with your enquiry. Valid proof of purchase is required.

*Except all Cushions and Parasols which come with a 1 year guarantee.

Can I leave my parasol up in windy conditions?

We strongly advise that all Westminster parasols are used with a suitable base stand, closed during strong windy conditions and not left open and unattended.