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Biossun Bioclimatic Terrace and Patio Covers

The 'Bioclimatic Pergola':The Ultimate Terrace and Patio Cover

Manufactured by Biossun, in France, this new wave of garden terrace covers and outdoor living pods are available at Cedar Nursery. These aluminium pergolas come with motorised, automated louvred roofs, and protect from the elements or let the sun flood in - you decide.

Biossun have become synonymous with the 'bioclimatic pergola', the concentrated blend of fine design and technology that strikes the perfect balance between habitat, home comfort and climatic conditions. Modern, elegant and versatile, they provide an additional space to do whatever you want … a place that you can create and adjust every day to suit your mood with a plethora of accessories for added comfort.

Biossun promotes a symbiosis with one's environment. It allows a pleasant temperature to be set and maintained, humidity control, and the privileges of natural lighting. Whatever the weather, equipping your outdoor space with a Biossun bioclimatic pergola means more quality time on your patio.

Biossun believe in 'modularity without bounds', and their pergolas are designed to fit in with all architectural styles and be in harmony with nature thus complementing and enhancing your home, garden and outdoor lifestyle. Click here to view our brochure.

The Range

There are three models of Biossun from which to choose and each can be customised to adapt to your outdoor lifestyle and requirements. The range moves up from the more simple BIO 120 model to the versatile BIO 180 and the light symphony that is the BIO 230 model.