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FAQs - Cedar Garden Rooms

  • Is planning permission required? We build all of our garden rooms to comply with permitted development therefore in most cases planning permission is not required. You may need to consider planning permission if you live in a conservation area, area of outstanding natural beauty or the building is to be constructed within the grounds of a listed building. As with all building work, the onus lies with the owner of the property or land and we always suggest you check with your local planning office prior to building commences.
  • What is a SIP? How does it work? The term SIP stands for Structured Insulated Panel and they are made by joining two structural facings around a foam core. This factory controlled method of building forms a structure that is extremely durable and energy efficient, greatly reducing heating costs. Once formed, the SIP component is surrounded by a breathable membrane which allows moisture to escape naturally from the building, reducing any risk of damp while keeping the warmth within the room.
  • Why do you use cedar cladding? We use high quality Western Red Cedar because this particular timber is not only very aesthetically pleasing but it has the added benefit of being extremely hard wearing. With a life expectancy of over 40 years, this timber requires no ongoing treatment and is therefore maintenance free.
  • Do I need to do any ground preparation before the build? No, we can clear the area where your garden room is going to be built and do all necessary groundwork including electricity and water supply if required (price on application). We use galvanised steel screw foundations so there is no need for concreting or digging and subsequently very little mud and mess is produced.
  • Will my building be properly insulated? Our Designer Garden Rooms are built with the highest specification of insulation ensuring the greatest levels of efficiency and economy are maintained when heating in the colder winter months but allowing the building to remain cool in the summer. The choice of materials we use, in terms of cedar cladding, EPDM rubber sheeting for the roof and SIP components all work together to provide a fully insulated space.
  • Is it environmentally friendly? Yes. We use responsibly sourced materials from local suppliers and construct our Garden Rooms to offer superior energy efficiency. We generate very little waste and recycle everything that cannot be used.
  • Can I have alternative windows and doors? Yes. UPVC double-glazed French doors are fitted as standard however you can have different styles of doors (bi-fold or sliding) as well as various configurations of windows for the Geneva model. An upgrade to double-glazed aluminium units finished in Anthracite Grey is available (at an additional cost) for increased thermo-efficiency, durability and a sleek look.
  • What is the design process? The model of your garden room will be the first item to confirm followed by the size and dimensions. We then look at the intended use for your room in order to determine the positioning of lights, sockets and switches. Potential network and telephone cables and any other extras such as home entertainment, built-in desks or even bathroom facilities (i.e. plumbing) will also need to be taken into consideration (prices on request). Finally we determine the internal colour scheme, flooring and lighting to complete your perfect space. Once the design is agreed we will produce a CAD (computer aided design) drawing for you to review and approve before any off site construction work begins.
  • What is the delivery and build time? Once you have signed off on the CAD drawings and are happy that they fully meet your requirements and expectations, then production can begin. This will generally take between 6-8 weeks. We will deliver to site and install the structure for you and we can also carry out any groundworks if required. Most of our buildings are up and running within three weeks.
  • What are the payment terms? Our payment schedule is as follows: 40% due on approval of drawings and order placement; 50% due five working days before delivery, followed by 10% due on completion.