Garden Room Inspiration

Garden Room Ideas

Space Defined by You...

Ever wondered what you could use your Cedar Garden Room for? Here are some ideas:

  • Garden Office: With more people wanting to work from home and have a better work/life balance, a garden room can provide you with a secure, comfortable, well-equipped space where you can work in peace and quiet in your garden building, well away from any household commotion.
  • Garden Studio: Need somewhere to paint, draw, design or assemble craft work? Transfer your materials and clutter to your garden room and free up valuable space in the house. Light, bright, airy and exceptionally well insulated, our garden rooms make an ideal studio where you can pursue your passion or hobby all year round.
  • Garden Lodge or Guest Suite: If you've got guests coming to stay, having another spare room fitted with a toilet and shower can be a godsend. Our buildings' high quality finish and fittings and snug thermal insulation guarantee that a Designer Garden Room will be equally popular as a granny or teenage flat.
  • Garden Music Room: Practice to your heart's content, confident that any clashing chords won't disturb the neighbours or the other members of the house, thanks to our garden rooms' efficient acoustic insulation.
  • Garden Chill-out Space: Just the place to relax at the end of the day or the weekend, our garden rooms provide the perfect retreat where you can chill out and enjoy your garden.
  • Garden Gym: Save money on gym membership with a home gym. Plenty of indoor space outdoors to set up equipment and work out in calm, comfortable surroundings all year round and right on your doorstep.