Garden Rooms - Standard Models & Sizes

Large Cedar Garden Room used as a home gym

Our Cedar Garden Room Range

Combining elegance with practical design and innovative construction methods, we ensure your garden room is light, airy and comfortable to use all year round. We design rooms that maximise natural light and minimise heat loss, while the construction process uses ground-breaking materials to add visual impact and create an attractive living environment.

The Cobham, Horsley and Ockham models are similarly styled and come in four standard sizes (Pod, Classic, Espace and Grand). Our uniquely designed Weybridge Garden Room, however, has the potential to be any size you want depending on your requirements.

The Cobham - The crisp and contemporary lines of the Cobham model walls are continued up into the flat roof creating a modern and clean design. The design's straight lines and clean look contrast well against surrounding foliage within any garden setting.

The Horsley - With a slight arch in the roof of the garden building, the Horsley model distinguishes itself by offering a slightly softer approach to a similarly modern and clean design. The arched roof offers a greater sense of space and nuance within the interior.

The Ockham - A more classical approach to an outdoor building, with a pitched, gable roof providing a more traditional external appearance to the build as well as creating an increased sense of space and airiness to the interior. The gable roof is constructed using innovative modern building methods and creates an overall aesthetic that complements houses and gardens of all eras.

Standard Garden Room Sizes

The Cobham, Horsley and Ockham models come in four standard sizes: Pod, Classic, Espace and Grand.

  • POD: 2.6m x 3.6m - A great choice for an intimate office space; compact, stylish and bijou, an ideal space for any location or size garden.
  • CLASSIC: 3.8m x 3.6m - The most popular size with plenty of good office space for 2 people; or perhaps an artist's studio, or a children's den?
  • ESPACE: 3.8m x 4.8m - A good size for a multi-purpose space; a gym, a dining room, games rooms, or a turbo-trainer, etc
  • GRAND: 3.8m x 6m - The biggest standard room; a great space for entertaining, or having a cinema room or guest lodge.