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Hemi fire bowls

Available in three different sizes to suit any space these round, concrete fire pits add heat, atmosphere and simple beauty. Solus 'cross-jet' and ethanol burners provide ample flames and are built to last. As with all Solus firepits, the Hemi 26, 36 and 48 are fully certified and come with warranties on parts and performance. Three fuel types with manual or electronic start options allow these bowls to be used in most outdoor situations. Each fire bowl is available in 10 colours and can be paired with a full bed of fire stones, a wooden Ipe table top or an all-weather fabric cover for added beauty and function.

Hemi 26 is the perfect way to add spark to intimate outdoor spaces. The smaller size of this fire bowl also makes it appropriate for grouping in more expansive projects. Standing 12″ tall (without its plinth) Hemi 26 distributes its heat from a low vantage point providing a place to warm chilly legs and hands. Visually it has a solid, sculptural presence and holds its own in environments of any size. It can be used in conjunction with the included plinth to raise its height or placed as an elegant stand alone piece for a lower profile fire pit.

Hemi 36 and 48 create an instant gathering place. Their round, generous proportions show off the natural beauty of Solus' smooth concrete and provides an inviting, modern focus for residential and commercial environments. Sitting at approximately 17 and 24 inches in height respectively, their generous flame provides warmth and sculptural interest.