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Buschbeck Barbecue Heaters

Why Buschbeck?

Buschbeck masonry barbecues and fireplaces are extremely durable and have completely finished surfaces that require no treatment or painting, ever! They are also totally resistant to the effects of ice, frost and snow. Their products have obtained the stringent German TUV/GS Safety Certification Standard.

Buschbeck masonry barbecue fireplaces are made unique by their composite finished treated surfaces. For the user, this means painting or rendering is not necessary after installation, as it is with lesser manufacturers products. The fireplace will keep its noble appearance even after years of intensive use.

They place the same high demands on all other materials and components used as on their products surfaces. For instance, high-grade steel is used for the grill racks and, depending on the model, the metal jacketing on the mantelpieces are either made from pure sheet copper or stainless steel. Their double-walled construction means you are able to use many different fuel types with your Buschbeck such as logs, heat logs, charcoal, lumpwood charcoal, briquettes and even gas with the Buschbeck gas burner insert.

Buschbeck Elba Masonry Barbecue Save 6%
£649.99 £609.00
Buschbeck Gas Burner Insert Save 4%
£254.99 £244.00
Venedig Grill Bar Cover Save 2%
£61.99 £61.00
Full Cover Save 3%
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Bushbeck Cadiz Masonry Barbecue Save 2%
£649.99 £634.00