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Freestanding BBQs

Friends, Family and Great Food

Here at 'Kitchen in the Garden', we only sell quality products to ensure that you are buying BBQs of the highest quality that are capable of withstanding the British weather. All our products, from our large gas grill models down to our portable charcoal, gas and electric BBQs, are capable of preparing almost any kind of food, from sausages and burgers to pizzas and roasts, and even chocolate brownies!

As with all products at Cedar Nursery, we wish to enhance your living and working space and our brands capture this aim perfectly. Fantastic food and good times with friends and family is a perfect combination. Cooking with all our brands is easy, helping to ensure food is cooked perfectly every time, and with our extensive warranties, we believe you will be enjoying our BBQs for many years to come!

Browse all our products online or come down to our Nursery in Cobham and get in touch to find out anything you want to know about products in our BBQ Store.

Weber Spirit Classic BBQ E-310 Save 23%
£549.00 £420.00
Weber Spirit Classic BBQ E-210 Save 13%
£429.00 £375.00
Napoleon Charcoal Professional 605CSS Save 10%
£1,299.99 £1,170.00
Napoleon Charcoal Grill Save 9%
£429.99 £390.00
Steel Green 4 Burners - I9C-4 Save 10%
£6,368.00 £5,730.00
Steel Green 2 Burners - I7C-2 Save 10%
£5,185.00 £4,670.00
Steel Swing 4 Burners - W9C-4 Save 10%
£5,142.00 £4,630.00
Steel Swing 3 Burners - W7C-3 Save 10%
£3,908.00 £3,520.00
£749.00 £675.00
Bull Steer Premium Cart Grill Save 10%
£1,749.99 £1,580.00
Bull Lonestar Select Cart Save 10%
£2,399.99 £2,160.00
Bull Angus Cart Save 10%
£2,899.99 £2,610.00
Bull Brahma Cart Save 10%
£3,999.99 £3,595.00
Bull 7 Burner Premium Grill Cart Save 10%
£4,799.99 £4,320.00
Bull Bison Charcoal Grill Cart Save 10%
£1,849.99 £1,665.00
Discovery 1100E 3 Burner Save 10%
£925.00 £830.00