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Weber Barbecues

Why Weber?

Weber's safe, sturdy and extremely practical barbecues, coupled with extensive warranties, have made this American company the world's favourite for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Weber's 'lid-on' cooking means that food gets that smokey flavour, and herbs and spices have a noticeably stronger effect. Weber is not just about barbecuing, they believe in cooking delicious food outdoors and having fun, but most of all they want to be a part of creating happy memories for you, your family and your friends.

Benefits of a Weber BBQ:
  • Weber barbecues have fantastic build quality and durability.
  • All Weber products are completely weatherproof; they can be left outside, all year without fear of rusting or warping.
  • They utilise the best materials, and benefit from extensive manufacturing expertise.
  • Weber BBQs enjoy the longest warranty of any popular barbecue brand.