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Bradley Smokers

Why Bradley Smokers?

Today, Bradley Smokers are the food smoker of choice for many different types of user.The Bradley Smoker design originates from among the salmon smokers of British Columbia, and it is in the category of salmon smoking, be it hot or cold smoking, that the true worth of a food smoker is probably best judged. In the smoking of salmon, taints in flavour, marginal differences in wood types, and the consequences of over or under smoking can be all apparent. The key factors of quality and reliability are what sets Bradley Smokers apart, as well as the ability to 'cold' smoke allowing you to smoke cheese, nuts, olives and fish of course (a cold smoke adapter is required separately).

Happily these merits hit a chord with users well beyond the salmon smoking fraternity, and we find our smokers being used across many countries and for many different purposes. Home gourmet chefs, field sportsman, restauranteurs, cookery schools, smallholders, and home users who want the authentic taste of American barbecue: all find a place for Bradley Smokers in their outbuildings and gardens.