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Weber BBQ Lifestyle

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Looking for something special to complete you garden or patio? Here you can find a number of items, from outdoor fire pits, to BBQ grills, to wood fired ovens or Kamados, (clay ovens), all to help make a bit easier to enjoy cooking outdoors while entertaining your family and friends. It used to be that the only choice of outdoor cooking equipment was between brands of charcoal BBQ; now the choice in range and price is enormous.

There's nothing like the taste of barbecued food and the tell-tale smell of al fresco cooking that lets us know summer has arrived; but don't believe that barbecues should be reserved for the summer months! Outdoor cooking is about fantastic food and fun all year round. Barbecued food always tastes delicious whether you cook in the rain, snow or sun and, with any one of our products, you'll get perfectly cooked food whatever the weather - even the turkey for Christmas!

The key types of outdoor cooking equipment are:

Freestanding BBQs – the most popular, and probably cost effective, solution. Nearly always portable, they are great for everyday grilling and roasting, and are fast, flexible and reliable. BBQs are typically powered by charcoal or gas, but now even electric models are available.

Kamados – the new kids on the UK block, although they have been around in Japan for over a thousand years. These compact clay ovens can grill, bake or smoke. They are essentially a charcoal BBQ inside a clay oven.

Wood Fired Ovens – the largest and most traditional option. They are most notable for the great pizza they cook, but also ideal for bread, roasts and anything you'd do in a regular oven.

Smokers – the best option for smoking. These allow you to hot or cold smoke all types of food from trout to nuts or your own biltong.

Firepits the most atmospheric option. These add some theatre and warmth to basic grilling or marshmallow toasting.

Outdoor Kitchens – a fully featured kitchen, just outdoors. These are not so much a type of cooking, but a set up that contains at least one of the above, plus storage and most features of an indoor kitchen.

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