Why one Q?

In 2007, Dutch designer Jan Willem Marijnissen wondered why the host of a BBQ party always had to turn his back on his guests while preparing their food. He figured it would be a lot more social to have a grill where friends and family could gather around. The founding idea of oneQ arose: a cooking island with a different kitchen feature on every corner.

The oneQ island is made up of separate linkable modules to add greater flexibility and create an island unit that fits in with your garden and the way you cook. The different modules can be connected and disconnected allowing you to change or expand the set at any time, with countless different set ups possible. oneQ islands can be assembled quickly and easily without the need for any tools. Through its flexible design, oneQ caters to everyone's needs and are ideal for smaller patios and roof top gardens.

Creating your oneQ Kitchen

oneQ's ethos is "The customer is in control". This allows you to create your own unique kitchen structure easily, starting from a few simple modules.

1. Choose your Colour (or mix and match):

  • Black: A sophisticated, black powder coated steel unit - available on legs and has the option of various accessories.
  • Inox Stainless Steel: A professional, brushed inox stainless steel 304 grade unit - available in all leg variations and accessories.

2. Select your Core Modules:

Choose the right core component and for oneQ, its the leg, which comes in two sizes:

  • Standard Leg: 920mm tall, 440mm wide and deep
  • Mini Leg: 450mm tall, 440mm wide and deep

3. Choose your Preferred Grill

With oneQ you can cook with charcoal, gas, or both! oneQ provide an 8kW flame gas burner with electronic ignition and a 100% useable grill surface, or an authentic glow charcoal burner with removable coal grate and ash tray.

oneQ also produce extras such as a Teppanyaki plate or a fire ring that can replace the grill from your charcoal cooker to create the perfect after-dinner fire pit.

Building your oneQ Kitchen Island

Why not add side shelves to your basic modules, in black or stainless steel, to rest or store your cooking utensils or BBQ sauces. Alternatively you could have a twin shelf unit that sits inside the 'Standard Leg' unit.

Maybe opt for the oneQ 'Connect XL' package that extends between two 'Standard legs' to create extra preparation or serving space. If you don't like the idea of open units then oneQ provide front panels that can be hung on any sides of the legs to shield the legs and gas bottles from view. You can also add a a side or twin shelf to create extra storage space. Once you have created your basic oneQ kitchen island structure, you can customise it with all the accessories you wish from the extensive range that oneQ provides. The beauty of oneQ kitchens is that their flexible design means they can be added to, or rearranged at any time.