Outdoor Components & Appliances

Components and Appliances

For most, an outdoor kitchen represents the height of entertaining luxury. You may imagine yourself flipping burgers to the applause of your friends or sipping wine while a pizza bakes over a hot fire. Whether you are dreaming of a rustic pizza oven or a sleek stainless steel grill, adding an outdoor kitchen can extend your living and entertaining space substantially.

When you reach the planning stage for your new kitchen, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Considering how best you will use the space, what components you want to add and how it will all hold up to the elements will help you select a functional long-lasting kitchen.

NB. Always make sure all the appliances and components you use are outdoor compliant. Always purchase products that are CE rated for outdoor use rather than appliances that are only designed for indoor use and are not made to withstand an outdoor environment. The latter are dangerous, will most likely fail, and undoubtedly any warranty will be void when they do.

The Grill

Your grill is usually the heart of your kitchen. It is the most important and central element of your outdoor kitchen. Modern BBQ grills offer a dazzling array of technological additions to the classic barbecue - that old rusty, impossible to light burner is a thing of the past! New innovations, most notably, include infrared searing burners, rotisseries and mechanisms to ensure heat is distributed evenly over the grill and your food is cooked to perfection. In fact, because these modern wonders not only heat up much quicker than most domestic ovens and are built with ease of function and maintenance in mind (eg. cleaning!), they have become the cooking method of choice all year round, even on cold wintry days.

The grill can be a simple or complex affair depending on your space and style of cooking. When choosing a grill you need to decide how large a cooking grate (surface area) you want. For instance, if you're not having a side burner then a larger grill might be required. Also take into consideration the number of people you regularly cook for - is it just a small family or are you a dedicated party animal?

The final thing to think about before choosing your grill is what type of fuel do you want to use? Gas or charcoal? And if gas - Propane (LPG) or Natural Gas? Each have their advantages and disadvantages, and often it's down to a personal choice. Click here for more information and advice.

The Side Burner

Some grills come with a side burner attached. Presuming the grill of your dreams doesn't, there are lots of options for a peripheral side burner. Having a side burner is a great boon, especially when cooking more complex meals outdoors. Like their indoor counterparts, burners are fantastic for quickly boiling stock pots of water for culinary dishes or side orders of vegetables. They are also often more powerful than a normal indoor hob meaning that they are similar to a professional wok cooker, so rustling up a tasty stir fry takes no time at all.

Speciality Cooking Equipment

Speciality cooking components have become increasingly popular over the last ten or so years and there is a great range of different brands and equipment from which to choose. Whether it's a wood fired oven, a kamado or teppanyaki plate, your outdoor kitchen can become a culinary centrepiece and source of wonderfully crisp pizzas and fresh baked bread, to slow cooked pulled pork and Japanese-style stir fry recipes, omelettes and even pancakes. Click here for more information on the full range of speciality cooking equipment that we offer.

Built-in Cabinets and Storage

There are a lot of different drawer and door combos for your countertop island that can really come in handy. When you think about all of the various trays and cooking utensils one uses when cooking or grilling, it just makes sense have some storage space nearby. For example, if you are going to have bottled gas (LPG), then an appropriate cupboard is essential. Also, consider a waste bin for ease and convenience, limiting your trips to and from indoors.

Selecting products that are highly durable and can withstand all weather conditions is of paramount importance. It is also advisable to choose your cupboards and drawers from one manufacturer as mix and matching can cause a clash in style and overall aesthetics.


How much preparation space will you need in your outdoor kitchen? Plan your worktop space accordingly. Also, make sure you select a product that can withstand heat, frost and UV stable.

Refrigeration and Chilling

Having the ability to keep drinks cold and easily available when you are enjoying your outdoor space is a wonderful bonus. The size and number of refrigeration and cooling options totally depends on how much you plan to store outdoors, your party size and how thirsty your guests get! Water bottles, soft drinks, beer or juice boxes can be conveniently located for you and your guests making it easier for everyone and preventing constant foot-traffic in and out of your house.

Feeling thirsty? Fancy being able to pull your own beer outdoors? Then check out our brand new Bull Kegorator here!

Sinks and Cocktail Stations

Having a sink with running water can be key to convenient outdoor meal preparation and hygiene, especially when dealing with raw meat and fish. Why run back and forth indoors when you can have a sink installed next to your prep station for ease in clean up.

As an exceptional addition, you can have a cocktail station for everything you need for an evening entertaining friends and family. Often integrated with a sink they are outfitted with useful elements such as ice bins, condiment cups, bottle wells and openers for complete convenience and additional functionality.

Outdoor Music System

Being able to enjoy music outside while cooking and entertaining for friends and family is an important component for any outdoor kitchen or barbecue area. A high-quality car audio components is ideal for decks and outdoor cooking areas as most manufacturers offer marine-grade speakers, amplifiers, and source units that are designed to take the abuse of a wet environment, and still perform well year after year. Click here to see our premium outdoor sound system.


We have a whole host of useful accessories and products that will enhance your outdoor cooking experience and allow you get the most out your grill, every time.

  • COVERS: A grill cover will help keep your grill looking good for years to come. All grills are best kept covered between uses as this keeps them clean of leaf litter and bird mess as well as any garden chemicals that can tarnish the metal.

  • COOKWARE: There are a huge variety of different cookware items for those BBQ grilling aficionados and to make cooking on your barbecue a breeze. Try a poultry roaster for perfectly cooked roast chicken, or maybe a fish basket when preparing some delicious grilled sardines.

  • TOOLS: Having the right set of equipment for cooking outdoors is important and can help make you a better cook. As well long-handled spatulas, forks and tongs, you can also have instant-read thermometers, basting brushes and rotisserie items.

  • MAINTENANCE: Regular maintenance extends the life of your grill and cooking grates need to be cleaned before every use. A wire brush is perfect for scraping off cooked on foods reducing excess smoke and bad flavours.

  • SMOKING: You can smoke just about anything from nuts to fish to steak and there is a great range of smoking fuel from which to choose and produce those delicious flavours.

  • FUEL: This is completely dependent on the type of grill you have and you should always make sure you have plenty of fuel before you start cooking - you don't want to be having to dash to the shops midway through.