Refrigeration and Chilling

Having the ability to keep drinks cold and easily available when you are enjoying your outdoor space is a wonderful bonus. The size and number of refrigeration and cooling options totally depends on how much you plan to store outdoors, your party size and how thirsty your guests get! Water bottles, soft drinks, beer or juice boxes can be conveniently located for you and your guests making it easier for everyone and preventing constant foot-traffic in and out of your house.

Outdoor Refrigerators

Having a built-in fridge in your outdoor kitchen is convenient for a number of reasons. It doubles as storage and refrigeration. Think about all the grilling ingredients and condiments you can store, as well as having cold beverages close to hand instead of having to go back and forth indoors.

Outdoor approved fridges are fully weatherproofed and undergo rigorous testing before they can be approved for outdoor use as they must operate safely even when exposed to inclement weather. Industrial strength cooling systems mean rapid cooling performance so they chill up to 5 times faster than their indoor counterparts. They also have superior temperature regulation and are capable of keeping food and drinks cool even in the hottest of conditions (up to 40°C). Another great advantage is that they have front ventilation allowing them to be fully built-in and integrate seamlessly into outdoor kitchen cabinetry for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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Drop-in Coolers / Ice Chest

If you don't want or have room for an outdoor refrigerator then why not try a drop-in cooler? These offer a cost-effective alternative for keeping drinks frosty. It's convenient for people who don't have a refrigerator and entertain a lot. It's got the ease of use and when the ice melts, it just runs into a bucket, so it's a self-contained unit.

* NB. All our fridges are outdoor compliant and CE rated and specifically designed for outdoor use. Installing an indoor fridge outdoors is dangerous and not only will it most likely fail, but undoubtedly any warranty will be void when it does.