Sinks, Taps & Drink Stations

For Ease and Convenience

An outdoor kitchen sink can be the finishing touch for your outdoor kitchen. Without it, you will always be dependent upon your inside kitchen. Why run back and forth indoors when you can have a sink installed next to your prep station for ease in clean up.

Having a sink with running water is key to convenient outdoor meal preparation and hygiene, especially when dealing with raw meat and fish. However, important consideration when deciding on your outdoor sink is water supply and drainage (As you are unlikely to wash up outside, cold water only taps can be sufficient). Our range of sinks and taps provide the perfect solution to your outdoor sanitary needs and requirements.

As an exceptional addition, you can have a cocktail station for everything you need for an evening entertaining friends and family. Often integrated with a sink they are outfitted with useful elements such as ice bins, condiment cups, bottle wells and openers for complete convenience and additional functionality.

Have a look at our wide range of products to see which one is right for you and your style of kitchen.