Fontana Forni

Why Fontana Forni?

Kitchen in the Garden is delighted to announce the Italian made Fontana 'Red Passion' range as the latest addition to its wood-fired pizza oven offering. This modern take on the traditional brick oven combines the speed and efficiency expected from modern technology with the authentic touch of old world cooking. Made with the highest quality stainless steel, these ovens heat up to temperature in an incredible 10-15 minutes. Cook directly on the cooking stone to obtain incredibly crispy brick oven crust.

The oven itself is pre-assembled so is immediately ready to use. It is available with a stainless steel stand (that does require a little assembly) if preferred, and comes in three sizes. The insulation of natural rock wool and the fire surface in refractory material allow to efficiently maintain the temperature produced and limit the wood consumption. The adjustable flue pipe is provided with a smoke control valve, so once the desired temperature is reached, you can reduce the smoke vent to maintain a more stable temperature and lower wood consumption.