Le Panyol

Le Panyol Oven

The Best of the Best

Le Panyol use traditional craftsmanship and know how to successfully achieve and maintain the highest quality each day. They are the only brand of wood fired oven made entirely of heat-resistant pure terracotta for lovers of superb quality products and the beautiful food they produce.

Your Le Panyol is a real "professional" wood fired oven, with exactly the same features as Le Panyol ovens made for restaurants. Le Panyol professional ovens are cooking ovens made from the finest refractory earthenware. In keeping with the long tradition of quality wood ovens, they are entirely built from "Terre Blanche" quarried in Larnage, France.

Why Le Panyol?
  • Rapid rise in temperature (reaches 400°C/752˚F in 1 hour)
  • Sustained baking capability of over 6 hours
  • Perfect combustion
  • Low fuel consumption (4 - 5kg of wood is enough to reach a temperature of 400°C)
  • Health tested and certified "Food Safe" (Certified Category 3*** by European directive n°84-500)
  • Available as DIY kits or fully installed by Cedar Nursery
The Process
  • Choose the size of your oven: The Le Panyol model numbers relate to the internal oven diameter in centimetres.
  • Decide on the shape and design: Your Le Panyol is delivered in sections and you assemble it as you might an igloo.
  • Select the surround material: This needs to provide a water tight seal and hold in the added insulation materials. It can be a render finish, brick or stone or even a mosaic tile finish. The choice is almost endless.
  • Extra requirements: We advise the addition of a flue. Your Le Panyol will come ready with a 'smoke throat' and 'smoke adaptor' on which to fix the flue. You will also need to add some insulation material between the final outer structure and the core oven.
  • Decide who will build the oven and surround: Your oven will need to be on a flat and sturdy base, ideally with a log store under or adjacent (see the Cedar Nursery Youtube Channel for help and ideas on how to build your pizza oven).
Le Panyol Oven - Diagram
Every Wood Fired Oven is delivered with:
  • Core Oven
  • Refractory Mortar
  • Smoke Throat
  • Smoke Adaptor
  • 'Grog' base insulation
  • DVD instruction manual
Easy Assembly

For example, you can assemble a model 66 core kit in less than 4 hours thanks to a simple system consisting of archstones and a keystone (assembly time does not include construction of the foundation, veneer or chimney).

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