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The Process

The secrets of Le Panyol's quality...

Le Panyol use traditional craftsmanship and know how to successfully achieve and maintain the highest quality each day.
In the confines of the workshops, with the knowledge of their potters, “Terre Blanche" is reconstructed from different components extracted from the quarry depending on how it will be used in the future and what products it will be used to create.
This is how Le Panyol produce different forms of earthenware every day to be sold and used in different ways: Le Panyol ovens, bricks, grog, tiles, etc.


Age-old methods and processes are used to mix “Terre Blanche" with water and to mould, shape and cut it by hand. In 2006, this know how and craftsmanship were rewarded when we were awarded the title E.P.V. – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (or Living Heritage Company).
As a hand-made product, each piece is unique and very slightly different from the next.

Slowly dried by the winds of the Rhone Valley, the pieces made from “Terre Blanche" are later fired at very high temperatures.

Earth, Water, Wind and Fire combine to create our Earthenware. Your “Le Panyol" oven core pieces are born of our furnace. Like a child, each one is unique and 100% natural.