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Landscape Bark - 100Ltr

Landscape Bark - 100Ltr

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Use as a decorative mulch for beds, borders, paths, woodlands and fruit gardens.


Application Rate:
Apply a generous layer as a mulch: 5cm (2in) or more is ideal. 100L of bark will cover about 1.5m2 and should last for up to 3 years.

Why use Westland Landscape Bark?
Westland Landscape Bark is a specially selected grade of screened large bark chips (*approximately 30-50mm – size can vary) that can be used on flowerbeds and borders, trees and fruit bushes. It provides a decorative mulch for beds & borders and is ideal for natural, rustic looking paths/pathways through the garden. The larger chips persist for longer in the garden reducing the frequency of topping up. The bark provides a comfort zone for plant roots protecting them from extreme summer sun and freezing temperatures. Plus they create a barrier layer between the sun and the soil, holding the soil moisture in the soil for longer.

How do I use it?
For use on existing beds & borders, always prepare the area first by removing all weeds and debris. Make sure that the soil is fully wet before applying, if it isn’t either water the area thoroughly or apply after a heavy rainstorm. Spread a layer of bark 2.5-5 cm deep over the area ensuring that the mulch reaches under the plant canopy and covers the root area.

Green Credentials
Westland Landscape Bark is produced from sustainable conifer plantations that are grown for the timber industry and are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

Landscape Bark
Q We’ve planted a collection of trees at the top of our garden and want to use a mulch that will look good, cover a big area and do some good to the trees as they develop. We don’t want to reapply it every year, what do you suggest?

A Choose Westland Landscape Bark, it is made up of large, chunky bark chips that will quickly cover a large area and be slower to break down than smaller gauge bark. Ideally it should be applied over the top of a weedblock/landscape fabric. This can be laid around your existing trees but it is important to remove all weeds and debris from the area first. The fabric will create a layer between the soil surface and the mulch slowing down the breakdown of the mulch so that it lasts for even longer. Apply the mulch over the top to a depth of 5cm (2in), ensuring that the ground is thoroughly wet before application. Your mulch will need topping up every 2-3 years but will insulate the roots of your trees against harsh summer sun and extreme winter cold.