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Landscape Edging - for a neat lawn edge

A curving neatly edged lawn with a flower bed

RITE-EDGE Landscape Edging

Designed by landscape architects, multi-award winning RITE-EDGE is increasingly specified in professional landscape designs as the obvious edge for lawns, borders, beds and pathways alike, keeping that pristine neat garden appearance with perfect straight, corners and enviable curves and shapes. Held securely in place with barbed fixing stakes, RITE-EDGE is manufactured from an Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy designed to last at least 27 years, so no painting, staining, rusting or replacing to worry about. RITE EDGE, being light and easy to handle, comes in long lengths and has a unique, telescopic design to make installation very neat, quick and easy.

The profile of RITE-EDGE features a smooth round top edge, so no sharp edges to cut you or damage the lawn mower blades, and a castellated body which gives maximum strength for heavy lawn mowers and prevents lifting by frost. Stand back with pride and admire that permanent "Just-Edged" look without all those hours of back-breaking edging spade and shear work.

The ideal edging solution for:

  • Landscape Borders
  • Garden Edging - plant beds
  • Lawns / Grass
  • Driveways
  • Pathways

Why Edge your Lawn?

Above ground edging is usually decorative and can be stone, wood or metal. Below the ground, or flush edging, is usually made of rubber, plastic or metal and is often used to maintain a neat edge along a drive or pathway.

  • Show off your flowers and shrubs
  • Give you a permanent professional finish
  • Add to the design of your garden
  • Compliment and contrast surrounding buildings and the remainder of your landscape
  • Adapt to straight or curved areas with equal ease
  • Help contain the mulch that you put around your flowers
  • Help protect the base of young trees and garden ornaments, etc. from strimmers/mowers
  • Save trimming and weeding time
  • Give you a cleaner mowing and strimming line
  • Provide a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn grasses from entering flowerbeds
  • Add value to your garden landscape without necessarily spending a lot of money