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Firepits - gas, wood or charcoal fuelled

A gas fire pit available at Cedar Nursery, Surrey

Firepits are a great way of transporting the rustic feeling of a campfire into your garden, patio or deck. Used year-round, a firepit offers a cosy focal point outdoors where family and friends can come together. Unlike other outdoor heaters, firepits bring 360 degrees of open flames to your outdoor entertaining area, especially when the sun goes down and evenings draw on. Bring a style home that complements your outdoor décor, whether it is portable or permanent, metal or stone, wood or gas burning.

We have many models of both charcoal and wood fuelled fire pits and gas fire pits in different styles and sizes that will work in any outdoor living area, from simple metal fire bowls to larger gas fuelled fire tables, so come and pay us a visit!

  • Outdoor Fireplace: Nothing adds to a summer patio party like a cosy outdoor fireplace or pit, creating warmth and ambiance for those cooler summer evenings for outdoor living all year round.
  • Simple Grilling: Some firepits come with a cooking grate doubling as a grill, too – great for simple outdoor cooking (e.g. sausages or kebabs) or marshmallow toasting.
  • Tables to gather around and creating atmosphere: Firepit tables allow family and friends to enjoy eating and drinking in the warmth of a roaring fire – outside! This feature provides a substantial rim on which to lay your drinks and food plates allowing you to entertain around a fiery centerpiece.
  • Decorative: Lit or unlit, firepits can simply act as an outdoor accent, like a piece of garden sculpture. Whether it's a contemporary or rustic affair, the options are vast and dependent upon your own personal style and tastes.
What Type of Fuel?

Firepits can use a variety of different fuels and essentially it all comes down to the brand of firepit you want and personal choice. Here are a few key fuel facts:

  • Propane: Propane fed gas fire pits have tanks attached to them, making them moveable. Propane can be more expensive upfront, but can outperform natural gas in power.
  • Wood and Charcoal: Depending on how big your fire pit is, you'll need to use different sized logs and kindling. Start stocking up! You can also combine a layer of charcoal on the base to increase your firepit's efficiency by making log burning easier. Also, charcoal helps to produce a controlled, even heat with a smaller flame.
  • Natural Gas: Fire pits that run on natural gas generally need to be built-in, and connect to a natural gas line located in your home. Natural gas is significantly less expensive than other fuel options, but may cost more upfront as it must be installed by a professional.
  • Bio-Ethanol: A clean-burning, more environmentally friendly and efficient biofuel that emits no smoke, ash, or embers. Two major benefits of bio-ethanol are that it does not produce a smell or air pollutants. For smaller firepits you can get an ethanol based gel. The gel comes in bottles that you pour into the firepits fuel reservoir. Like Bio-ethanol it does not emit smoke or odours.