Step 1
The panels are placed on the prepared foundation / sub base.
Place the first section in position and on the intended line of fixing.

Step 2
Present the next section to the first and click them together.

Step 3
Panels can be cut using a handsaw, jigsaw or band saw to fit the area intended.

Step 4
Once the StableGRASS is installed soil can be spread across the surface to fill the panels.

Laying format
The panels interlock with each adjacent segment in a manner that prevents uplifts from segment to panel, thereby eliminating raising edges that cause pedestrians to trip.

General notes for grassed areas
The base should have enough root-zone (50-50 sand and soil) beneath the Stable- GRASS to allow the roots of the grass to grow into. This is usually in the region of 75- 100mm of root zone and should be compacted to give a firm base for the Stable- GRASS to bed onto.

The general level should be within 10mm and root-zone can then be used to smooth off prior to laying the stable grass. Back fill the StableGRASS with root zone and sweep level with the top surface.

After back filling with root zone the area should be watered thoroughly before seeding to ensure the seed has the best chance of germinating. The soil will settle below the top surface and this is what is required to ensure that traffic will not be directly in contact with the grass roots. Regular watering should be carried out until the seed is well set.