StableGRASS MAXI is a green coloured reinforcing grid for grass. Supplied in interlocking panels of 1200mm x 800mm x 38mm, StableGRASS offers high performance, cost effective provision of vehicle and pedestrian access across grass surfaces. The units are tested to resist minimum compression loadings of 135 tonnes/m2, with greater load resistance determined by the sub base structure selected.

LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT (Breeam compatibility)
StableGRASS MAXI is manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE and is UV treated. The product can be fully re-cycled in itself which leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in manufacture, use and disposal. As a permeable paving which facilitates vegetation growth the end result is environmentally beneficial whilst enabling land use for pedestrians and vehicles.

StableGRASS MAXI provides reinforcement for seeded grass, turf, green roofs or sedum surfaces to allow regular pedestrian access and vehicle use in a variety of applications. Depending on sub base provision these can include car parking, vehicle, construction equipment access, access roads in environmentally sensitive areas, communal social spaces, and woodland pathways. The system can be used both as containment of growing vegetation or as reinforcement under turf, and is naturally permeable.

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage)
The system can replace hard surface paving, which would require planning permission application for approval in Sustainable Drainage terms. As a permeable surface, use of StableGRASS MAXI will eliminate water run-off, presenting minimal impact on demand for surface water drainage capacity. StableGRASS MAXI can be used in conjunction with full permeable sub-base construction or water harvesting installations.

StableGRASS MAXI is fast and easy to install so installed costs are competitive and affordable. Installation rates of up to 250m2 per day with a single small crew are achievable where site conditions allow. This makes StableGRASS MAXI a very economical option.