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Planning Permission - driveways
Our whole range is a permeable paving solution; see here for more details -

StablePAVE PRO is suited to pedestrian and vehicular traffic with the correct sub-base (50mm to 200mm of hardcore / crushed concrete - depending on the level of use) and 15-30mm of levelled and compacted sharp sand.

Sloping sites
Whilst StablePAVE PRO can be used on reasonable slopes, and is in fact a very good slope stabilising unit, gradients over 1 :10 will result in migration of the top dressing of gravel, exposing the outline of the honeycomb which, in heavy traffic situations, may compromise long term durability.

Installation queries
Please view specification and installation pages.

Raw material
The units are manufactured in the UK from 100% UK sourced re-cycled MDPE, so adding eco friendly and sustainable credentials to the product.

Unit sizes
1188 x 944 x 32mm (made up of 4 segments 590 x 472 x 32mm each)

Aggregate size
We recommend using upto a 20mm diameter of stone / gravel.

SUDS / Drainage
Yes, water simply runs through the gravel and the permeable segments.

Edging options
1. Brick & Cement
2. Haunched concrete
3. Tanalised timber
4. Specialist edging (
5. Tarmacadam (for ramping to existing surfaces)

Installation on an existing drive / concrete base
We recommend installing on a permeable sub-base only.

DIY Installation
Please see specification and installation pages.

Country of manufacture
The product is manufactured in Britain.

Stock is available for delivery throughout UK.

Ensure that the honeycomb is always covered with a thin layer of gravel (approx 10 to 20mm). If you can see the honeycomb this is when it can become damaged. You may need to top up the gravel on heavily trafficked areas.

The system is not designed for constant HGV traffic, other than as parking bays