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Galvanised Planter

StablePAVE XL is an excellent choice for larger residential or light duty commercial applications, where the 2.400 x 1.200 mtr x 40mm deep panels can facilitate quicker installation. Suitable for light vehicle and pedestrian use, together with occasional access for heavier delivery, emergency or utility transport, the XL gravel stabilisation grid provides a free draining, permeable paving layer. Supplied with a weed suppressant membrane attached to the base, StablePAVE XL reinforcing grids are easily cut to shape, with minimal waste.

LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT (Breeam compatibility)
The grids are manufactured from 70% re-cycled and 30% prime raw material. XL panels and off cuts can be re-cycled themselves, which leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in manufacture, use and disposal. Reduced gravel consumption compared to unreinforced or bound surfaces further improves the environmental benefits. As such, StablePAVE XL can contribute significantly to the "Green" credentials of any self-build, heritage or communal paving requirements.

XL grids contain, control and stabilise the gravel fill, preventing spreading, rutting or sinking. The result is a foot, vehicle and wheelchair friendly surface which is practical, durable and capitalises on the natural beauty aggregates. All the traditional benefits of a gravel surface are retained whilst the associated upkeep and renewal issues are eliminated. Gravel demand at 75kg per sq. metre, which will bury the honeycomb grid to the correct depth, makes StablePAVE XL an extremely cost effective choice.

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage)
Planning requirements for paving and hard surfaces to have a minimum impact on surface drainage capacity now necessitate a formal planning application in most parts of the UK. StablePAVE XL addresses those issues entirely and offers a paving solution which does not involve the need for planning approval, whatsoever. The system can be used as part of a fully permeable sub base construction or water harvesting installations..

Stabilised Gravel Honeycomb Grids are fast and easy to install. Where the areas are large enough StablePAVE XL is the most productive of the StableDRIVE product range. Installation rates of up to 400 sq. metres per day can be achieved, where site conditions allow economy of scale. This is a major cost consideration, when compared to other paving alternatives.