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Platform Tripod Ladders by Henchman

Tripod garden ladders of varying heights by Henchman

Versatile, safe and made to last a lifetime

Henchman Tripod ladders are much more stable than traditional ladders because it is impossible for all three feet not to be in firm contact with the ground, no matter how uneven your garden is. Because of the wide triangular footprint that the splayed legs create, you are almost certain not to wobble. Having just three legs also allows for greater access in difficult areas which is why tripod ladders are ideal for fruit picking and topiary work as well as pruning and hedge trimming.

  • The adjustable leg(s) makes the tripod stable and level on sloping terrain. The pull out pin make changing the length of the back leg easy and effortless and offer many, minute increments of adjustment.
  • 7" deep large top platform (not found on any other tripods in the market) for your "sure footing" and comfort when standing/working at the top of the tripod.
  • The large top platform along with the top hand rail and knee rail lets you have both hands free by leaning/bracing yourself into the guardrails, which increases your stability. This creates an incredibly comfortable and standing position from which to work.
  • 3 clawed feet "grasp" soft ground and prevent it from slipping/sinking.
  • The 3 leg milk stool design with its splayed legs creates a very broad triangular shaped footprint makes it rock solid ensuring you have the utmost confidence when climbing, standing and leaning hard against the tripod. This also prevents the rear leg from lifting as is sometimes a problem with traditional step ladders.
  • Tapered top and back leg provides access to tight and awkward areas. An example of this is that the single back leg allows you to position the ladder right up into the crown of the trees for pruning or fruit picking. Also having just 3 legs prevents any damage to your flowerbeds when compare to working on a step/combi ladder which need 4 points of contact with the ground.
  • Much safer than a step ladder where you would work side on, which often means you are leaning outside of the footprint of the ladder which is extremely dangerous. The Tripod design allows you to safely work up close and face the hedges, shrubs and trees.
  • Manufactured from Aluminium making it incredibly light so is easy to move and transport. Also being made from Aluminium means it will not rust unlike steel alternatives.
  • Rubber 'feet' are a great optional extra for added grip on hard surfaces and also prevent scratches and damage to hard surfaces like Tarmac, paving slabs, tiles, bricks etc
  • Manufacturer holds ISO 9001 which means that they undergo rigorous assessments to ensure the very best quality in production.

Click here to view the Henchman Tripod in action.