Screen with Envy - screening for the garden

Screen with Envy provides durable, zero maintenance, stylish and affordable products that will complement any garden and setting. Made from composite wood, they are perfect for many uses around the house and garden, including cladding fences, hiding unsightly bin areas, partitioning seating areas, pergola roofing, hot tub screening, or simply as a stunning decorative garden feature.


  • Zero maintenance - no need to treat or paint
  • Waterproof & UV treated - will not mould, warp or rot
  • Easy to install/cut to size - no need for custom posts, no nails or splinters
  • Cut from one solid piece - structurally integral throughout
  • Available in black or cream and in a variety of designs
  • Extremely affordable

Why choose Screen with Envy?

Our clients needed to find a solution to create more privacy in the garden from the neighbours, while still letting enough light through. However, they came up against the same tired or expensive choices. Wooden fencing was not stylish enough and required treating or it would very quickly degrade in the rain. Using metal screens was often too costly and installation was often difficult as the screens would have to be made to measure.

However, using our screens, clients found that they could quickly and affordably get the solution they needed knowing that they would last and need zero maintenance. Stunning design and ease of fit, even in the most awkward of spaces, meant that our screens were the best choice on the market.

How do I install my screen or trellis?

Our garden screens and trellises are lightweight and durable for easy installation. Modular by design they can fit any area, no matter how awkward, and can be cut down to size easily. Simply use a jigsaw - or similar - to cut to the required shape, enabling a bespoke appearance at a fraction of the cost.

And, as they are made from a wood composite product, our screens and trellises can be drilled into like normal wood. Screw onto walls, existing posts, planters...wherever you want them! Endlessly versatile, they are also perfect for freestanding installation as all of our screens are UV treated on both sides and sturdy by construction.


  • What are they made of? Our screens are made from an advanced wood composite material that does not warp, age or fade in the UK weather conditions.
  • Are they really zero maintenance? Yes. There is no need to seal, paint or treat them at all. If dirt gets on them then just hose them down or wipe them clean.
  • If I cut them, do I need to seal the end? No. They are made from one continuous piece of material and are structurally integral throughout meaning they are zero maintenance and they keep their form when cut
  • Will my cream trellis/screen stay cream? Yes. All of our cream trellises are made from an integral piece of cream wood composite, meaning they will never fade or require treatment of fading. They will add a stunning backdrop to your garden and brighten up dark areas like none other.