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Stark & Greensmith - decorative garden screening

Stark & Greensmith was founded by Creative Director Martine Le Gassick. They design and make screens and panels for gardens, exteriors and interiors. Frustrated with the standard of fencing products available in the UK, which are vulnerable to weather, and offer very little choice, Stark & Greennsmith set out to produce exquisitely designed fence panels which are strong, long lasting, affordable and beautiful, requiring practically no maintenance and which outlast traditional wooden fencing.

Their panels are made of either weathering steel (often called "corten" steel), or in powder coated aluminium. The panel designs are laser-cut and de-burred for consistency, precision and safety. The Corten Steel panels are affixed by steel clamps to aluminium posts, which themselves are set in concrete, just like traditional fence posts. Aluminium's resistance to corrosion, and the inherent strength of their box-section construction means that these posts will stand the test of time.

Stark & Greensmith's garden panel designs have proven to be extremely versatile, and they spend a lot of time now working with designers and clients on projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from a single decorative screen as a stand-alone garden scr feature, through to fencing, pergolas, decorative cladding, M&E screening, panelling for reception and bar areas and bespoke commissions for major private and public projects.

New for 2018: RHS Parterre - The Modern Classic

Stark & Greensmith's creative director, Martine Le Gassick, has collaborated with the RHS to create a new range of panels for your garden, featuring designs inspired by images from the RHS Lindley Library.The screens feature a pattern which references engravings from 'The English Gardener' by Leonard Meager (c1624 - c1704), first published in London in 1688. The timelessness of these illustrations of knot gardens and parterres underpins the new patterns which lend themselves perfectly to modern screen formats, while celebrating Britain's rich history of garden design. Our collaboration has resulted in a set of elegant screen designs which will enhance your garden, however big or small.

The Range:

  • Motif
  • Drift
  • Branches
  • Burst
  • Privacy
  • RHS Parterre (New for 2018)
These designs are available in both corten steel screens or in powder coated aluminium screens. RAL COLOURS: The standard range aluminium panels are powder-coated in RAL 8019 (Grey/Brown) and the RHS Parterre range aluminium panels are powder-coated in RAL 7006 (Beige/Grey). All fittings: Posts, End Caps, Clamps and Terrace Foot are powder-coated in RAL 7021 (Black/Grey), which complements the warmer tones of both the standard and RHS Parterre range aluminium panels.
If you like what we do, but don't want the hassle of installing panels, then you can click here to find a registered installer who covers your area.