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Garden Gravel

Garden Gravel

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Can be used for garden paths and drives, rockeries and at the bottom of large tubs for ballast.

Product can be used throughout the year.


Application Rate:
For a depth of 1-2'', apply 2 x 25kg bags per m2. What can I do to stop my patio pots from toppling over?

You need to choose planters that have a sturdy, wide base and choose plants that suit the shape so that the container does not become top heavy. Fill the base of your planters with a generous layer of Pea Gravel, this will act as ballast to keep the pots weighted down, but it will also improve the drainage. Pea Gravel is washed and ready to use and could also be used as a decorative mulch on the top of the compost around the plants.

What is the best way to weigh down baskets of aquatic plants in my pond?

When you have planted your water plants into hessian lined planting baskets, mulch over the top with a thick layer of Pea Gravel. This will not only weigh down the baskets ensuring that they sit at the bottom of the pond under the water, but it will also prevent the Aquatic Compost from washing out of the basket over time.

I've planted a lovely grass garden in a sunny spot of my garden and I want to mulch around it sympathetically, what do you suggest?

Your best bet would be to choose Pea Gravel. It is a uniform, small grade gravel with rounded edges that would combine well with and complement your grasses. For the best results it would be advisable to apply the gravel over a planting fabric so that it does not mix into the soil below. This will keep the gravel clean and ensure that it needs topping up less frequently.
The Pea Gravel will create a subtle foil for the plants and give a natural feel to the whole area.