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Plantdown - Enter Our Fun Competition during Lockdown

Garden Prizes to Be Won

 Friday, April 10, 2020

A picture of letter tiles spelling 'PlantDown' and an image of a trowel and soil in the garden

Do you have some time to spare during Lockdown?

Do you enjoy word games and anagrams? Are you looking for a fun plant-related challenge?

Let’s Play ‘PlantDown’!

While away a few minutes with our quiz and competition. Prizes to be won!

It’s similar to the long- running quiz programme on Channel 4 with a similar name... However it’s the number of words that you can make from the letters that counts…

Just use the letters in our name, Cedar Nursery – Plants and Outdoor Living, re-arranged to come up with as many varieties of plant as you can, this can be any plant, including names of flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables - basically anything you can plant that will grow!

How to Play

Use the letters in our name shown in green below:

C E D A R N U R S E R Y - P L A N T S A N D O U T D O O R L I V I N G

  • Each letter can only be used the number of times it appears above. Letters can be re-arranged and don't have to be used in the order they appear
  • The hyphen can also be used once if required
  • All common plant names are allowed (these are at the discretion of our Competition Judge).
  • There is no time limit (or ticking clock!), other than the deadline for competition entry below.
  • This is a competition for fun, the Judge’s decision will be final.
  • One entry per person via Facebook, see ‘How to enter’ below - authentic Facebook accounts only.


C E D A R N U R S E R Y - P L A N T S A N D O U T D O O R L I V I N G re-arrange the letters in red = IVY

Prizes as follows:

  • 1 x £50 plant voucher awarded to the entrant providing a list with the most plant names*
  • 2 x £25 plant vouchers awarded via prize draw from all the names of anyone that enters and provides a list of 3 or more plant names.

*If two or more entrants find the same number of plant names then the amount of the voucher will be shared equally between them

Deadline To Enter By:

The deadline to enter is Saturday 25th April. 2020 Winners will be announced on Saturday 1st May 2020. So get writing those plant names down!

To Enter:

  • 'Like' our competition post on Facebook @cedarnurseryuk - link here to our Facebook page
  • Send us a Direct Facebook message with your 2 or more plant names as detailed in 'How To Play' above (excluding the name shown in the example!) .
  • All entrants both 'liking' our post and messaging us to provide their answers will be entered into a prize draw for one of the two £25 Gift vouchers.· Bonus Prize - £50 voucher winner - At the end of the time period our Plant Manager will decide who has provided the most plant names to win.
  • Winners will be notified and virtual gift vouchers sent to them via email.
  • Vouchers can be used for ordering plants online for delivery, or they may be spent in store once we re-open again.

Please note:

One entry per person please.

Our decision is final.

We reserve the right to eliminate entries that we deem to have been made in a manner that is unfair to other entrants.

This competition is not organised by Facebook in any way.

This competition is not connected to a TV Quiz Programme.