FAQs about powder-coated metal planters

What are the delivery costs?
Delivery costs are calculated prior to placing your order.

Strengthening Bars
Larger troughs will need strengthening cross-struts installed at the top of the planter, usually on planters over 1200mm in length, please keep this in mind when designing what plants you are installing.

Can you deliver anywhere in the UK?
Yes – we can deliver in the UK and worldwide – calculated prices include delivery to mainland UK – please contact us for information on prices for delivery outside mainland UK.

How much does a bespoke container cost?
We can calculate the price for any size of planter trough or cube instantly on our calculator (Tapered & Cylinders will take approx 48 hours for quotation).

What are your planters made from?
Galvanised Planters - These are made from Galvanised steel sheet.
Powder-coated planters - These are made from Zintec steel sheet and finished with a powder-coating process.

How long is the delivery time?
Approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Steel patination
Metals come with a patina (a coating of various chemical compounds formed on the surface of metal) which forms a pattern in the surface of the steel. This varies per batch so please note if you are ordering extra containers the pattern in the steel may vary from your original containers.

Do the powder-coated containers have a guarantee?
Yes, they are guaranteed against rotting for 2 years.

What is the thickness of metal used?
0.8mm to 1mm.

Are your planters water-tight?
We do not guarantee water tightness for planters due to the lock-forming joint process.

How long have you been making them for?

13 Years.

What if I order the wrong size / wrong finish / wrong Colour?
Sorry, as a bespoke item any incorrectly specified planters cannot be refunded.

Do the containers come with drainage holes?
No, drainage holes can be installed free of charge - please specify when ordering.

How long will they last?
At least 10 years

What sizes can you make?
Longest Trough : 1950mm
Largest Cube: 1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm
Largest Cylinder: 900mm x 900mm
Largest Tapered: 1500mm (Height)

Where are they made?

Can I choose a colour outside the RAL system?
No – This is the only colour option available (but there are over 250 to choose from).

What is Zintec?
This is the metal sheeting we use for powder-coated containers.

Do you have the items on display?
Yes – Please visit the nursery.

Do the containers come with feet?
Yes, we supply small self-adhesive clear rubber feet in all planters.

What shape can you make?
Nearly any! We have made sloping containers, cut-outs for drainpipes, stepped troughs, - please send a drawing or contact the nursery for more information.