Plant Consultancy 1 - Sound advice in your own garden

Cedar Nursery Consultancy

Sound advice in your own garden and subsequently at the nursery ensures that you create a beautiful garden which meets your individual needs and style requirements within your budget.

If you are planning a new border or want to rejuvenate an existing area, a consultancy can be just the thing to make the most of your garden by helping you to galvanise your ideas and translate your garden dreams into reality.

What we do

  • Visit and review your garden for 1 hour (longer appointments available)
  • Discuss your garden requirements, whether it's planting for privacy or screening, filling gaps, rejuvenation of an existing border or creation of a new one, ensuring interest throughout the four seasons with interesting shrubs or trees, focal points, issues of style or creation of atmosphere.
  • Photograph site
  • During the visit we photograph the site for future review when selecting plants.
  • Make appropriate suggestions to solve your problems
  • Specific plants for focal points, features, colour coordination, evergreen and deciduous balance, seasonal succession, dramatic impact, framing or disguising views and adding perspective.

What you do

  • Decide which areas in the garden are you interested in discussing.
  • Consider whether you would like to create a particular atmosphere or establish a specific style.
  • Consider time-scale - do you require an instant garden or can you wait for plants to mature with time?
  • How long are you planning to stay in the property?
  • What time period do you anticipate to effect the changes?
  • Have a budget in mind.
  • It is more efficient if you take notes whilst the consultant analyses the site and your requirements

The basic consultancy cost is £75.00 per hour inc VAT & travel (in Surrey), for detailed information please contact us

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