Plant Consultancy 3 - Garden Plant Placing

Plant Consultancy 3 - Garden Plant Placing

Once the plants are chosen and you have prepared the site, we can arrange a convenient date and specific time to place the plants.

At the appointed time we deliver the selection of plants to transform your garden.

Using the plants you have chosen at Cedar Nursery and discussed during the consultancy, we lay them out in your garden, each one carefully placed to create the desired effect. This eliminates the need for a costly and confusing planting plan, whilst allowing you to see the overall impact of the plants in situ before making a final decision. If you do not like a plant in a particular place, we simply move it, exchange it or make a different suggestion on the spot.

We bring plenty of plants to each placing so we have many options to choose from. Anything we don't use we take away. By using the garden plant placing service you get the benefit of the ideal plants from the nursery delivered not only to your home but set out in their ultimate garden position. All this with no heavy lifting required from you, although we are always happy if you wish to be fully involved in the process.

Once the plants have been placed we will talk you through the layout, explaining the effect you will get throughout the year. We note the plants we have used and then send you an itemised bill by post.

At the same time we are happy to supply any compost, top soil, chipped bark, fertiliser and tree stakes and ties that you need.

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