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Garden Styles - from formal to contemporary designs

Take a look at a range of popular garden styles, would any of these suit your garden or can we help with any other garden styles you have in mind? .

Formal Gardens
Beautiful topiary shapes surrounded by mounds of soft foliage and edged with low box hedging provide a classic, elegant atmosphere in your garden. This style lends itself particularly to courtyard gardens and driveways, allowing you to have your own manicured green space in even the smallest of areas. Use vertical height and symmetry with low hedging to create interesting patterns.

Mediterranean Gardens
Ideal for sun drenched gardens. Create the warm, heady atmosphere reminiscent of relaxed southern Europe with the added benefit of predominantly drought resistant planting. Stylish Italian cypress combine beautifully with flowering climbers and scented shrubs to which you can add beautiful terracotta pots and simple stone benches.

Oriental Gardens
Enjoy the flavour of the East with elegant maples, structural conifers and beautiful camellias. Employ this style in a lightly shaded area where you can relax, free from the pressures of daily life in a garden where nature and man are balanced and calm. The planting contrasts big, luxurious leaves with upright stems. Colours are soft and pale, white or light blue with the occasional burst of red from an Acer or Pieris.

Tropical Gardens
Lose yourself amongst lush foliage and striking flowers in a garden full of escapism. This style is full and bold with planting focusing on the form and texture of foliage as well as colour and fragrance. We use a mixture of exotic plants such as phormium, tree ferns and architectural palms to create the perfect retreat from civilisation

Contemporary Gardens
A very clean, chic style focusing on crisp lines and geometric shapes. We can mix traditional plants with modern materials like galvanised steel to create focal points and stylish planters. The planting offers the opportunity to mix contrasting flowers and foliage to create a strong, minimalist design which shows off your individual style.

Traditional Gardens
Create a timeless classic garden with rambling climbers and flower borders bursting with colour. We use a mix of perennials and shrubs which provide interest throughout the year. Obelisks or trees can provide vertical interest whilst spreading plants carpet the ground with masses of flowers. Shrubs with interesting foliage, bark and fragrance provided the intermediate layer which forms the all important structure.