Peat-Free Lakeland Gold Shrub Planting Compost - 30 Litres




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Dalefoot Mulching and Shrub Planting Compost is designed for planting and mulching all plants in clay soils. Made from composted bracken, harvested from the Lake District fells.


  • This compost is sustainably produced, 100% peat-free, and Vegan friendly
  • Humus rich soil conditioner breaks up heavy soils, improves soil aeration, drainage, and the natural release of nutrients
  • Improved soil structure promotes healthy root development
  • Improved moisture retention, with less water-logging and erosion
  • Potash rich bracken feeds the plants naturally and slowly for up to 2 years

How To Use

For planting beds and borders:
Dig a hole approximately twice the diameter of root ball.
Place plant in hole with new compost, fill gaps with more compost, firm in and water well.

As a mulch, apply in the Spring and Autumn directly to the soil surface. No digging in required.

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