Platform Tripod Ladder - 1 Adjustable Leg

Henchman LtdSKU: GWF180

Height: 6' (1.8m), PF 3' (0.9m)


Easily adjustable tripod platform garden ladder for use on moderately uneven or sloping ground.

  • One adjustable leg for level and stable steps on moderately uneven or sloping terrain.
  • A 7" deep "Platform" rung for safety and comfort. 
  • Top rail for one-handed support whilst working; or for leaning against whilst using both hands safely
  • Wide, clawed feet are designed to "grab" soft ground and so prevent slipping or sudden sinking
  • The 3-leg 'milking stool' principle makes it impossible to wobble and extremely difficult to topple
  • Narrow top and third ladder leg for access to tight awkward garden spaces.
  • Incredibly light for ease of carriage and storage
  • Rubber'shoes' for added grip and no scratching inside or on hard slippery surfaces
  • Available in 6' to 12' sizes - unique to Henchman
  • 100kg maximum load capacity

Why not come and try them for yourself as we keep models at the Nursery.

Warranty - 1 Year

Height Platform height Approx. working height Weight Leg width
6' (1.8m) 3' (0.9m) 8' (2.4m) 5kg 33" (0.8m)
8' (2.4m) 5' (1.5m) 10' (3.0m) 7kg 50" (1.3m)
10' (3m) 7' (21.m) 12' (3.6m) 10kg 59" (1.5m)
12' (3.6m) 9' (2.7m) 14' (4.2m) 12kg 59" (1.5m)

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