RITE-L-EDGE Landscape Edging: Height 75mm - Pack of 15 x 2.4 metres



RITE-L-EDGE is manufactured using a high-grade aluminium alloy for use as a durable edging for hard landscape surfaces.

There is no painting, staining, rusting or replacing to worry about as the product is designed to last at least 30 years. The aluminium edge restraint is 'L' shaped for additional strength and provides an unobtrusive edging solution. The base of the section incorporates fixing holes to enable it o be secured to an appropriate sub base. Within the vertical section is a slot along the length of the edging to accommodate the supplied joining piece. This joining system ensures each length joins to the next simply and accurately. The regular spacing of cut-away 'V' shaped slots enables flexibility to create any shape or design. Rite-L-Edge uses Aluminium Allo 6005A T6 and due to its high heat resistance to heat, makes it suitable foir use with hot asphalt surface finishing up to 180 degrees celsius.

Colour: Natural Aluminium

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