Peat-Free Topgrow - 50 Litres

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Melcourt Topgrow is a carefully formulated tree and shrub planting compost, 100% peat-free and containing balanced slow-release nutrients, used to aid the successful establishment of newly planted trees and shrubs.


  • For the successful establishment and continued growth when planting bare root, root balled and container-grown trees and shrubs, from transplants and whips, up to semi mature subjects
  • 100% peat-free, adds valuable organic matter thus aiding nutrient retention and water-holding capacity
  • Extremely popular and regularly used by professional landscape contractors
  • Free flowing and easy to handle
  • Suitable for vegans
  • RHS Endorsed

How To Use

Excavate a planting pit several sizes larger than root ball
Blend Topgrow with the excavated soil taking care not to smear the edges or base of the planting pit
Normal soil (loam) 1 part Melcourt Topgrow to 4 parts soil
Difficult soil (sand & clay) : 1 part Melcourt Topgrow to 3 parts soil

Green Credentials

Processed from natural, British sustainable materials, bark and green compost

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