Wheeled Henchman - Wheeled Garden Maintenance Platform

Henchman LtdSKU: WHD55

Platform Size: Platform size 5'x2' - Platform height 5'


A secure and mobile platform for working at height in your garden, ideal for pruning large shrubs and trees or reaching guttering etc

  • Level, stable and spacious working platform
  • Safe whilst leaning in four directions, no toppling
  • Remain level and stable despite soft, sloping or uneven terrain
  • Cut up to 18'/20' of hedge from one position, depending on cutters
  • Working height variable by minimum of 4'/5' (or minimum 7'/9' with Extender)
  • Additional height of 3'/4' with optional Extender
  • No wobble, no sinking in thanks to long secure feet
  • Strong galvanised steel yet fully mobile
  • Easily dismantled in 10 minutes for storage
  • Optional tow bar for moving long-distances

Available in 2 sizes

  • Wheeled Henchman 55 - 5'x2' platform, max platform height 5'
  • Wheeled Henchman 76 - 7'x2' platform, max platform height 6'

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