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The Durham

The Durham

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'The Durham' outdoor kitchen model is an L-shaped design, featuring Lynx components and a Le Panyol wood fired oven. The price for all the components shown in this model would around £16,500 with Lynx / Le Panyol / Blastcool components. This could be reduced to around £8,500 with a
Bull / Le Panyol / Beefeater 'fridge combination of broadly similar components. The price excludes the flue and finishing of the Wood oven.

Build price will depend primarily on the worktop material, build materials, location, access and on the suitability of any existing base construction.

Model Components

  • Lynx 3 Burner 36" Built-In Gas Grill with Rotisserie
  • Lynx Single Built-In Side Burner
  • Lynx 13" Twin Drawers
  • Lynx 30" Trash and Drawer Unit Combination
  • Lynx Framed 23" Single Access Door
  • Lynx 24" Sink
  • Lynx Outdoor Gooseneck Faucet
  • Blastcool Outdoor Fridge Single - 500mm
  • Le Panyol Model 66