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Topsoil 20Ltr

Topsoil 20Ltr

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Specially selected sterilised and graded garden top soil that is lime and chalk free. Perfect for adding nutrients and organic structure to enhance beds and borders.

For use when creating new beds, replacing old top soil or adding to compost.

Feed treated area with a good quality general fertiliser - click here to go to our fetilisers. Nutrient Content and pH:
Contains a certain amount of all the nutrients required for healthy plant growth and has a pH of 5.5 to 6.0.

We've removed part of our lawn to make a central bed, but the soil is flat and has no substance to it. How can I build it up?

The lawn will have removed nutrients from the soil below and the ground will have been compacted over time by passing feet and lawnmowers. You need to dig over the area thoroughly removing any large stones and perennial weeds. Build up the soil from the centre outwards using Top Soil. This is a specially selected, sterilised and graded garden top soil that is ideal for use when creating new beds. If the soil is lacking in substance you could also dig in Soil Conditioner that will add more organic matter to the soil and help improve its overall structure.