Before you connect, you should always check:

  • Check your bullnose connection is clean and undamaged
  • Make sure you have the correct sized spanner
  • If you'd like to know more about propane, please take a look at our PDF technical publication on propane gas

Let’s get connecting!

  1. Turn the valve hand wheel off by turning it clockwise
  2. Unscrew and remove the protective plug from the valve outlet
  3. Check the bullnose connection on the regulator for any damage before connecting
  4. Next screw the hose anti-clockwise into the gas bottle
  5. Make sure the gas bottle connection is tight! Use a suitable spanner for this
  6. To use the gas, turn the valve hand wheel anti-clockwise

Don’t forget to disconnect

  1. Turn the valve hand wheel off (clockwise rotation)
  2. Except for multi-bottle installations with a changeover valve, turn off the gas tap if it’s fitted to the appliance. Wait until the burner and pilot lights have gone out. If the flame doesn’t go out, leave the appliance alight and contact the Calor gas emergency service number on 03457 444 999. For installations with a change-over valve, you only need to turn off the empty gas bottle
  3. Never remove the regulator (or connecting nut) with the bottle valve open
  4. Use a spanner to remove the regulator by turning it left
  5. Replace the protective plug into the valve outlet