A diagram showing a bespoke oak pergola for a Client's garden

A pergola provides the perfect complement for discerning homeowners who yearn to maximise the enjoyment of their garden with a versatile pergola as a focal point.

We provide ready-to-assemble bespoke oak pergola frames and the solid, high quality oak used in their construction gives our pergolas strength, durability and beauty. Supplied untreated, you are free to apply any wood stains or preservatives to that you like, or you can leave it untreated.

Beautiful aesthetics and a robust oak frame design lets them blend effortlessly with surroundings and they can also be installed as a stunning patio cover, with glass insert sections to allow for year round enjoyment of an outdoor space.

Our oak pergolas are:

  • Expertly hand-crafted
  • Planed all round for a smooth finish
  • Made from high quality fresh sawn oak
  • Flat-packed for easy assembly

All our oak framed garden structures are built using the same traditional 'post-and-beam' construction methods used by our ancestors. Each individual joint is precisely cut to ensure a snug fit and is securely held in place with oak pegs. We also let you choose precisely how involved you wish to be in the construction of your building. From the supply of the basic frame and assembly instructions right through to an all-inclusive build, the management of your project can be very flexible and determined during initial discussions.

Pergola Roofs

Originally defined as an open structure with an open roof, the concept of a pergola has been extended to include semi-enclosures and roofing. While many people like to grow climbing and trailing plants up and over their pergolas to give natural shade underneath, there are also solid roof covering options. 

Before you decide, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you want a fair weather pergola only?
  • Do you want an outdoor living space, a barbecue area or a quiet nook in your garden for relaxation or meditation?
  • Do you want a pergola designed primarily as an accent to your garden?
  • Do you want to house a hot tub in your pergola?

Choose overhead battens or roofing designed for climbing plants only if you're sure your pergola is for fair weather use only or as a garden accent. For year around use, you will need to choose a solid roof covering (you will also need to have a pitched or gabled pergola for water runoff). In this case we can provide roof cladding in the form of cedar shingles, glass, or a choice of tiles or glass insert panels. Covering your pergola in this way is very useful as it provides shelter from inclement weather where you might have a seating / dining area or an outdoor kitchen (prices and quotes are available on request).

Speak to our friendly design team in Cobham, Surrey for a chat and about how we can help create the perfect Pergola for you!