Sonance Patio Speaker System

The Ultimate Outdoor Sound System

Sonance Patio Speaker System

Music that's heard but not seen

Sonance's Patio Series is an elegant and discrete outdoor all weather audio system that blends into the surrounding landscape for an immersive music experience that radiates, seemingly, from everywhere.

This Patio Series consists of four satellite speakers and one in ground subwoofer which provide precision performance and balanced coverage for areas up to 93 square metres or 1,000 square feet.

Traditional audio sound system

Traditional Sound System

This usually involves mounting a pair of speakers with brackets on the back of the property creating an unaesthetic appearance.

Speakers mounted in one location creates uneven volume, unbalanced coverage and unwanted noise for neighbours.

Sonance Garden Sound Design

Positioning smaller speakers lower to the ground and pointing them into the desired location creates an even, balanced coverage of sound throughout the space.

The Sonance system uses small satellite speakers and subwoofers perfectly arranged around the perimeter of the property.

This creates a much more emersive experience even at lower volumes and the sound does not spill into neighbouring properties.

Sonance Garden Sound Design - quality audio system for your garden

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