Installing our stabilisation products is a breeze and couldn't be easier. To ensure you get a perfect finish for you installation, please follow the below general installation instructions.


  1. The trays are placed on the prepared foundation / sub base. Each tray has projecting flaps of membrane. Subsequent trays should be laid on these overlaps to inhibit weed growth between trays.
  2. The retaining edging keeps the trays in place. StablePAVE can be cut easily with a power or hand saw to conform to any shape required.
  3. The wheelbarrows used to deliver the gravel can be driven over the filled trays. The most effective way of filling them is from the front. This helps to compact the gravel already laid with each subsequent trip.
  4. The gravel is then simply spread out across the honey combs with an overfill of approximately 10 to 20 mm to conceal the trays from sight.
  5. Your new installed gravel or grass stabilisation system is complete, enjoy your garden, drive or pathway!