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Bromic Accessories: Bromic Wireless On/Off


The Bromic Smart-Heat™ range has a wide variety of accessories, wireless controllers and mounting kits designed to ensure owners get the most out of their heater.

Bromic Heating Wireless Controller

Independent ‘On/Off’ control of up to two electric or four gas heaters across two separate circuits from up to 30m away. The wireless transmitter is fully portable or can be easily mounted with the included double-sided adhesive/screws.

Bromic Heating Wireless Dimmer Controller (Electric heaters only)

Move beyond the base-model wireless controller by adding the ability to precisely adjust the electric heat output in 1% increments, or quickly jump by 25% increments, also from up to 30m away.

Bromic Heating Wireless Master Remote

Invaluable for larger venues, the Master Remote provides user-programmable customization and gives you full control over an unlimited number of heaters in up to 6 groups within its 30m range.

Bromic Smart-Heat Link Home Automation

The Bromic Smart-Heat Link creates a seamless communication between Bromic outdoor heaters and smart home controls technology.
Compatible with the leading home automation or building management systems on the market, the new Bromic Smart-Heat Link lets users control their outdoor heaters from the convenience of their home automation panel.

You can learn more about the smart-heat home automation solution here.

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